About us

Global CTO Forum (GCF) is the world’s leading organization for technology executives and those interested in technological leadership. We aspire to make this world better by uniting together the leading minds and technology professionals.


From limited to limitless – A global hub of technology ‘thought leaders’ where everyone can collaborate, teach, learn, and realize one’s full potential.


Committed to bringing together leading minds in technology and fostering the world’s next generation of technology leaders.

GCF team

Ozgur Aksakal​


Oz is an experienced CTO, Entrepreneur and Angel Investor. Before founding Radity, he worked at Accenture and UBS Investment Bank.

Merve Agca

Product Manager

An innovative and energetic Product Manager with experience in project/product management, software engineering and front-end development.

Ege Zeytun

Head of Membership and Partnership

As a former international affairs specialist, Ege used to bring together policy makers, businesses, and scholars to resolve political disputes around the world. At Global CTO Forum, she unites technology leaders to lay the foundations of a brighter future.
If you would like to take an active role in shaping Global CTO Community in one of the technology or domain verticals, please contact us.

GCF volunteer leaders

Alexander Sanders

CTO TONI Digital
GCF Mentor

Mathias brenner

Mathias Brenner

CTO Sherpany
GCF Mentor

Emre Turan

CTO UNL Global
GCF DevOps Vertical Lead

What we offer


Connecting with other CTOs

Your network is often a decisive factor in your professional success. GCF presents an exceptional opportunity to build and broaden your network of leading executives in technology. Feeling ambitious? Become a part of the “Club”.


Offers and discounts

Our offers and discounts provide our community with maximum benefits for a minimum price. Feeling lucky? Do not hesitate to explore our promotions - maybe today is your day.

Mentoring Program

A piece of advice may turn a good project into an exceptionally successful project. Similarly, the mentorship program supports the transition of determined individuals into leading professionals. We offer mentoring programs for individuals who aim to broaden their professional knowledge base and achieve more in their careers.


Corporate Membership

Looking for a way to develop technology leaders in your company? Hesitant about the efficient way to do this? No worries, we can do it for you. Explore our ecosystem of the world’s leading technology executives and promote your products to a niche audience through our corporate membership opportunity.

Professional Awards

Every year, the GCF community is proud to nominate the technology leaders and exceptional executives for the prestigious CTO Award and Top10 CTO Listings. Do you consider yourself a proactive member of your professional community? Nominate or apply for GCF professional awards.

Thought leadership

Boost your industry presence and build your brand by being a part of the GCF Community. You can collaborate with leading coaches, experts as well as attend networking events and follow GCF initiatives.


Do you see a win-win? Is your business strategy aligned with GCF? Contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

Our history

2019 – Global CTO Forum was founded in Zürich, Switzerland.

2020 – Global CTO Forum has established strategic partnerships with the world’s leading organizations. GCF now has members from over 30 countries. Development of the world’s first CTO Training and Certification Program has been set in motion.

2021 – Global CTO Forum is launching its Training and Certification Program, the GCF Podcast as well as the GCF Awards. We expect our member base to grow to represent over 80 countries globally.


Code of ethics 

Why do we need a code of ethics?

The Global CTO Forum (GCF) members are expected to share a high understanding of professional and ethical standards. The professional alignment with the commonly accepted norms will positively affect how the GCF community collaborates and communicates. In the meantime, the code of ethics will allow GCF members to make the best possible decisions concerning their professional life.

There are only four canons in the GCF Code of Ethics. Adherence to the Code of Ethics is a condition of becoming a member of the GCF.


The Code of Ethics promotes:

  • Honest and responsible conduct in all collaborations.
  • Sustainable treatment of technological and intellectual resources.
  • Continuous technological improvement.
  • Protection of all private, confidential, and proprietary digital data.
  • Building trust among members by the way ethical decisions are made.


The Code of Ethics Canons:

  • Protect the community, social welfare, and the environment.
  • Utilize technological and environmental resources with frugality and prudence.
  • Treat your partners, clients, colleagues, and peers diligently and respectfully.
  • Respect and protect intellectual property and personal data.

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