How to increase your co-workers’ motivation as a CTO?

How to increase your co-workers’ motivation as a CTO?

Like every other C-class executive, every day is a new challenge for a CTO. Great responsibility brings important duties: As the organization’s technology leader, a CTO should always have the courage to go one step further and the diligence to ensure that all bases are covered while moving forward. While directing the company’s technological ventures, a CTO should always try to boost employees’ motivation during the process, since it is vital for maintaining their attention, dedication, and effort. Therefore, one can say that management and administrative tasks consist of a large percentage of a CTOs daily duties. But how can a CTO increase the level of motivation? No worries, we have already identified 8 working points for you.

1- Let your co-workers take some responsibility without you

Paying more for more responsibility is great, but it is not enough. Your employees need to feel that they are moving forward every day. Let them take initiative. This approach will bring you fearless teammates who are not afraid of change. If one of your employees makes a mistake then thinks “I will find the solution and gain a new experience out of this,” then you are on the right track. Don’t forget: the status quo never brings progress, neither for their careers nor for your company. So, always encourage your employees to move out of their comfort zone.

2- Encourage teamwork to prevent knowledge hoarding

Allow your employees to work in groups of 5 to 10. Let them learn from each other, explore the benefits of collaboration and information sharing, and socialize while doing the work. As a result, your employees will monitor each other’s work and improve output. They will be more likely to ask for help when in need. This approach may also prevent knowledge hoarding and curb the great risks that come with it.

3- Let your employees have an impact on products

Motivation comes from the desire to create. When your employees know that they have an effect on the project they work on, they are more likely to feel responsible and be dedicated. You will see: When your employees cultivate a sense of ownership for the project, the quality of their work will improve.

4- Be honest with your teammates

Be transparent and build trust with your employees. Share not only good news but also bad news so that they can be prepared. Remind them that you are a team: You go through thick and thin together. 

5- Clarify the real value of your product

When your co-workers are aware of how your product helps your customers, they would be more interested in it since they would know what the value and benefits are. So, treat your team members as your first customers. If they believe that the project will create real value, they would be much more motivated to be a part of it.

6- Encourage learning and training

We are currently in the middle of digital transformation. As a CTO, you are definitely aware of the rapid developments in technology and the need to keep up with fast change. So, as the tech leader of your company, encourage your employees to learn more. This allows your company to stay up-to-date. It also increases your employees’ motivation since they know that they are given the opportunity to improve themselves. This will make a valuable contribution both to loyalty and productivity.

7- Reduce bureaucracy

As the tech leader of your company, you need to deal with business administrative tasks. Yet, your co-workers may not be well affected if you schedule too many administrative tasks. They might end up becoming a burden for them, and this may slow down their rhythm, cause them to lose focus, and damage their motivation.

8- Be flexible

Extending flexibility may return as increased productivity and cooperation in your company. Extending the time slots of group work can raise awareness, responsibility, and the consciousness of team spirit! In addition, when employees who are directly involved in technology have more freedom, they can break the mould and take the project one step further with newer, more innovative, and more unusual solutions to optimize the final product.

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