I started learning to develop at 8yo, and sold my first full stack website at 14 for 1k euros to a scottish startup (PHP backend, jquery frontend, MySQL database). Now I am 19 years old and for almost a year I've been working on Usophy, my startup. I speak English and Italian natively. I am a generalist and have worked in various fields, from Kernel Development on one end of the spectrum, to Artificial Intelligence algorithms on the other. My main qualities are, in my opinion: - flexibility. I can learn a new language, framework, paradigm, API, project and adapt to it in a very short time. - initiative. I am a natural leader and will take control and initiative. In the past, I have worked on several projects, both for myself and others, ranging from game development to fuzzy logic algorithms. Some of my most relevant work is: - leading a series of small startup projects - being one of the developers behind Volumio - developing a simple kernel as a hobby (PiOS on GitHub)


Full-stack developer DevOps engineer Business
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