Polyglot senior software engineer with a degree in Computer Science and 20+ years of experience developing top of the line business and system applications. Early adopter by nature, active OSS contributor and Git power user by choice. Team leader with mentoring skills and excellent code reviews abilities Worked in a variety of industries from drug traceability to embedded software and going through cctv, phone billing, personal finances, ETL, highly available distributed systems and software security. Main skills: Go, Python, Java, Javascript, C++, Bash Smalltalk, Ruby, C, Lua, Perl, Assembler & Php Mitmproxy http://mitmproxy.org/ collaborator Specialties: Go, Python, C++, Javascript, Java, Software Architecture, Microservices, ETL, SQL & NoSQL, Redis, Google App Engine, ReactJS


CTO Data Science Python Go C++ Linux Architecture System Design Engineering Manager Tech Lead
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