Helping software engineering teams improve workflows, grow effective team-skills & habits, and deepen collaboration. All with no manual work. I'm a founder and CEO at Botany.io. At Botany, our innovative and intelligent SaaS platform grows exceptional software engineering teams by unlocking the human potential within both devs and engineering managers. Botany acts as a personal coach, like a fitness tracker, but for software engineers and managers. It helps teams get better by using empirical data and peer feedback to drive tailored professional growth. Botany shortens code cycle times, increases the team's focus, and unblocks work across remote work and time zones. We are engineering "TeamOps". [Background] In the past 20+ years in Software Development, we saw that being an engineering manager was the toughest job by far and yet also the most impactful to developer retention, engagement, and team productivity. We built Botany as the tool that we 'wish we had' as devs, engineering managers, and leaders ourselves. To help us with insight, knowledge, and action to both unblock our dev teams and also support their professional growth.


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