With over 23 years of rich experience, Raghu, as popularly known among peers, has worked with multiple startups in the media, telecom & digital asset management space. This includes working as a software engineer, Architect, CTO / CEO, Project Manager, Founder... Raghu has led technology teams and acquired a deep understanding of Data related projects such as Audience Data/ Mar tech/ Programmatic / ad-tech. Some of the companies where he held pivotal positions are Ericsson, Hungama, PlusFourSix, Mobileum ...Raghu brings on the table a very unique combination of skills like Big Data, API, AL/ML, transaction protocols; required to deliver products/platforms. TorcAI is a result of like-minded people committed to making a difference in the ‘Audience’ space. With a focus on ad-tech and mar-tech, the TorcAI teams engage with digital publications, brands, ad networks, agencies and data partners providing them with end-2-end solutions in programmatic, DMP, SPS, DSP, API, CMS...


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