Zokrath is the co-founder and CTO of Coleegs, where he applies Tech to a laid-back and traditional industry - PR. His passion for tackling problems using Tech can be traced back to his pre-professional days. Building simple web apps for self-interest, and even building tools to calculate the most efficient ways to play popular online games were fun avenues Zokrath was applying his Tech skills in his schooling days. Zokrath started his first company, building corporate websites for businesses, whilst studying in university. He later moved on and started a development firm, focusing on building ERPs and e-commerce sites, and managed a team to execute projects. He built and maintained the site for the launch of Nokia XL in Singapore in 2014. Fun Fact: Zokrath has known he wanted to be an entrepreneur since he was 10 - when he caught, reared, and sold fighting spiders.


Leadership digital strategy programming AI machine learning
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