Equity is the most expensive asset for a company – 60 quotes from Indian startup journeys

JP Morgan

Today, innovating at scale isn’t just key to succeeding, but also surviving. – Vinita Gera, Dell Technologies

A brand with a solid moat assures itself of long-term profits, sustainability, and a healthy market share by successfully keeping the competition at bay. – Amit Somani, Prime Ventures

Conversations are our superpower to solve the problems that we face. But that power can only be kindled when all the participants are truly activated. – Vinay Kanchan, ‘The Madness Starts at 9′

Unless you really slice the dice at a granular level and understand what is happening on the ground in any industry, you cannot truly understand what the industry’s problem statement is. – Siddharth Talwar, Lightbox Ventures

There is a 170-year gender gap between men and women, and this isn’t just in terms of jobs or salaries. The difference is across the board. – Anisha Singh, She Capital

Companies are finally opening their doors to hire members of the LGBTQ+ community. – Ankita Mehra, ‘Q-rious’

We need to reset the relationship between humans and nature. – Dominic Waughray, WEF When the competition density is higher, it becomes difficult to work on a path of sustainability. – Rohan Agarwal, RedSeer

India stands at a moment where it is executing a series of infrastructure moves that can change the future for the better. – Abhijeet Katte, Datum

India is ready for the next leap in great consumer brands. – Vinay Singh, Fireside

Ventures Investors are annoyed that they are taxed higher, especially when they are injecting capital into a very primary activity like building a business. – Siddarth Pai, 3one4

Capital Infrastructure cost remains high for startups. If you look at the rental as the percentage of revenue, it still accounts for a high-interest rate. – Srini Vudayagiri, Peepul Capital

More than 60 percent of Indian engineers are unemployed and are not equipped to work on coding frameworks as required by new-age tech companies. – Utsav Somani, AngelList

The global neo-banking market expected to grow up to $394 billion by 2026. India, too, has started to experience the neo-banking revolution. – Apoorv Ranjan Sharma, Venture Catalysts

For the longest time, financial services for the next billion have been non-existent in our country; when available, they have been an arms’ length engagement. – Ravi Garikipati, Davinta Financial Services When it comes to the tech skilling landscape, data analysis is taking centre stage in India’s growth story. – Srikripa Srinivasan, Dell Technologies

Shared mobility not only reduces the traffic but also frees up parking spaces, which in Indian cities is anywhere between 12-15 percent of the total usable real estate. – Vivekananda H.R, Bounce

Parking is a massive problem faced across all major urban cities in India. – Amit Lakhotia, Park+ People in India like skill games and love to be incentivised. – Ankush Gera, Junglee Games

MSME Business is growing rapidly in India and business owners are now taking initiative to shift to technology. – Amit Singal, Startup Buddy

Fashion in India is heavily influenced by the films and superstars who command a massive fan-following. – Amar Nagaram, Myntra Jabong

The Indian office supplies market is highly unorganised, with nearly 95 percent of all procurement and sales falling into this category. – Pushpamitra Das, Z Nation Lab

Startups from Tier II locations get their unit economics ahead of time but what they lack is advisors, mentors, and knowledge on ways to leverage technology. – Lathika Pai, Microsoft

The car accessories market in India has come a long way in the last couple of years. A lot of innovation is happening in the car accessories market. – Puneet Arora, AutoFurnish

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