How low code business apps can help companies recover post Covid-19

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Last year Forrester forecast that the low-code market will grow 40% annually to $21.2 billion by 2022[i]. As companies look for ways to support their recovery post Covid-19, many are turning to low-code tools to develop business apps, according to Malcolm Carroll, director at BlueFinity International.

Carroll says, “As we move through the pandemic companies want to ensure they have a sound basis for economic recovery. One solution is the creation and timely introduction of innovative business apps. For some companies Covid-19 has accelerated the pace of digitalisation and increased demand for apps, as companies see them as a way of responding to the challenges of the virus and changing consumer and business behaviour.”

According to mobile analytics firm App Annie[ii] the pandemic “has changed consumer behaviour on mobile forever” with their latest statistics highlighting that Covid-19 has driven consumer spending on apps to $50 billion in the first half of 2020, up 10% from the second half of 2019.

Other research from McKinsey[iii] showed that digital interaction with B2B customers is now two times more important than traditional channels—more than a 30 percent jump since before the COVID-19 crisis hit.

Carroll says, “Apps allow businesses to deliver all or part of their services to customers on mobile devices and laptops, as well as traditional desktops. The security and flexibility of an app, in a world where people are working from home, social distancing and changing their routine on a continual basis, can help companies adapt and aid their business recovery.

“However, the key now is that companies need to be able to develop apps quickly and cost-effectively to be competitive. Low code development platforms, which enable companies to use existing staff to build sophisticated business apps without the need for employing outside software developers, are the ideal solution.”

One company that has been using BlueFinity’s low code development platform, Evoke to digitalise a manual ordering system is Classic Groundcovers, a wholesale nursery based in Georgia, USA that sells plants to nurseries, re-wholesalers and landscape contractors, who experienced a surge in sales in the spring of this year.

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