How to Find a Tech CoFounder for a Software Startup

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Most of the $1 billion ‘unicorn’ startups had a few cofounders, according to Business Insider. Usually two.

Probably that’s why 37 of the 39 successful startups had at least one founder with a tech background. Even if you’ve got a brilliant idea but no tech experience, it would be too hard to launch a software-based startup. 

So if you want to work on a software product (87% of all $1B startups focus on software) but are not tech-savvy yourself, the reasonable choice is to find someone who is. 

Who’s a tech cofounder, where to find them, and when it’s better to work with a CTO instead—explained in this guide. 

What Is a Tech CoFounder Responsible For?

A tech co-founder is not just a programmer or an employee with some coding skills. First of all, a tech cofounder is a cofounder — a partner who puts a significant amount of time and effort into the startup. You need a person with a mix of tech & business background, not a regular coder. 

A tech cofounder can be responsible for:

— Organizing a development team
— Shaping the development strategy
— The project’s MVP
— The project’s tech stack
— Dealing with other business-related tasks

Cofounders put a lot into the project and usually ask for a fair amount of equity. If you’re starting out and need much support, be ready to part with a sizable amount of equity (up to 50%). 

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