Juniper CTO Dishes Edge Cloud Strategy

Juniper Networks

Juniper, through its partnership with StackPath, has amassed a “cloud agnostic” edge cloud platform that can connect to any of the public clouds, he said. Juniper is the largest investor in the 5-year-old startup, which supports virtual machines (VMs), containersserverless, content delivery networks (CDNs), web application firewalls, managed domain name systems (DNS), service monitoring, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection. StackPath has raised a total of $396 million to date, including a Series B funding round of $216 million.

“No one has the complete platform that StackPath has,” Yavatkar claims, underlining the outsized role the company plays in Juniper’s edge computing strategy for telecommunications services. He dismissed the prospect of StackPath as an acquisition target for Juniper, and instead described it as a strategic partnership that emboldens Juniper’s SDN stack and its strengths in virtual networking, metro transport and backhaul, network slicing, and segment routing. 

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