Microsoft moves closer to running all of its own services on Azure

Azure hosted services

A decade ago, Microsoft officials said the company planned to move Office 365 to Azure. Microsoft finally seems to be closing in on its goal of having all first-party services hosted on Azure.

Five years ago, Microsoft still was not running some of its major services on its own Azure cloud. Since then, the company has made a concerted effort to change this situation and it’s closing in on being able to claim all its first-party services, including Office 365, Xbox Live and Bing services, are running on Azure. 

There are a lot of reasons for any company, including Microsoft, to want to have all of its cloud services hosted on a common infrastructure. By doing this, Microsoft and others can more quickly build new products; adhere to specific compliance needs; take advantage of cross-cloud underpinnings like the Microsoft Graph APIs; scale more quickly; use its own Azure-hosted services as proof-of-concept examples for customers; and, last but not least, save money.

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