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What makes a great CTO

The CTO role is often misunderstood, so Computing caught up with Mark Ridley, co-founder of business technology outsourcing firm SeeTo, to find out what makes a great CTO, and how to identify what type of CTO your organisation needs.

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Technology Shakes Up the Supermarket

The grocery store might be the most visible place to see the ripple effects of technological changes on consumers, companies and American workers. With that being said, it’s safe to say that tech industry changes the supermarket, rapidly.

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How adding a CTO to board might benefit your company

The pandemic forced companies around the world to adjust to a “new normal,” which caused many leaders to pivot their business strategies and adopt new technologies to continue operations. In a time of chaos and change, there is no senior leader that can navigate this sort of change better than a CTO.

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How big tech and start-ups can boost Asia’s economic recovery

Asia has been living with the impact of COVID-19 the longest, and parts of the region have been first to climb out of the slump. If we combine our region’s deep digital ecosystems and longstanding culture of innovation with the entrepreneurialism of our start-ups and SMEs, we will be able to lead the world in the post-pandemic economic recovery.

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