How To Succeed As A CISO

As security now transcends different levels within the organization, it makes sense to build relationships within the organization. Coffee time, lunch breaks or virtual video one-on-ones should be leveraged to forge understanding between different groups within the organization. The new pandemic has probably changed the methods of interaction, but the end result still remains the same.

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McAfee CTO: How AI is changing both cybersecurity and cyberattacks

Artificial intelligence is sweeping through almost every industry, layering a new level of intelligence on the software used for things like delivering better cybersecurity. McAfee, one of the big players in the industry, is adding AI capabilities to its own suite of tools that protect users from increasingly automated attacks.

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CTO Talk: Q&A with Cloudflare’s John Graham-Cumming

In 2010 he started a project to build Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, while in 2012 he campaigned for the use of open-source software in science. But in 2011 he joined web infrastructure and cybersecurity giant Cloudflare, a leader in content delivery network services, DDoS mitigation and internet security.

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How The Cloud Reshapes The CTO And CIO Roles

Widespread internet access shaped the 1990s. The smartphone defined the last decade. Now, the cloud is having a similarly powerful impact and becoming the defining technology of our times, providing the computational and analytical power to transform customer service, marketing, commerce, transportation, exploration, medicine, and government services.

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Rideshare startup HopSkipDrive raises $22M to focus on school transportation

It’s no secret that it’s hard to make the economics work at rideshare companies. That may explain the success to date of HopSkipDrive, a six-year-old, L.A.-based company that pairs drivers with both families but also, crucially, school districts. Specifically, the now 100-plus person company has deals in place with school districts in 13 markets across eight states where it works with more than 7,000 contractors.

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Startup founders: Here’s how to convince people to join your company over the big tech giants

In a lot of ways, it doesn’t make much sense to leave a high-paying job at a big tech company and join a scrappy little startup. You’ve got a fat paycheck; job security; excellent benefits; work-life balance; and an opportunity to work on game-changing technology. So as a startup founder, how do you convince people to join your ship and help start the next Google or Microsoft or Amazon?

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