Should The CTO Code? 16 Tech Leaders Weigh In

man coding at desk

In today’s digital world, the role of chief technology officer has expanded. CTOs are more involved in every aspect of their companies and have taken on roles that are more focused on overall strategy and are often customer-facing. Their education and inclination may lead them to keep their heads down and focus on programming and coding—but is this the best use of their experience, talent, time and energy?

We asked the expert members of Forbes Technology Council if they believe a CTO should still spend time coding with their team and if so, why. Here’s what our panel had to say.

1. Don’t code as a way to procrastinate.

Capable CTOs should continue to write code as long as they are continuing to keep pace with their other responsibilities, are not using it as a way to procrastinate, and are following all the rules within the organization for doing so. There is a danger in a CTO going rogue and doing whatever they want, which clearly has more negative consequences than positive. Leading by example is a critical feature of a good CTO, in my opinion. – Bryan SmithMyia Health

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