This former Tesla CIO’s startup aims to create cloud-native ERP for the car industry

Tech startup Tekion, founded by Jay Vijayan, wants to redefine how software is being used by the automotive industry, including OEMs, dealers, or end customers, to create a seamless experience of buying or servicing a car.

Jay Vijayan, former Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Tesla, has spent nearly two decades in the technology corporate world. While working at Tesla, he came across the complexity of technology systems that run from the time a car leaves an automobile plant, reaches the dealer network, and finally, the end consumer.

At a time when car manufacturers are striving to develop new and exciting features to drive innovation and brand differentiation, it has led to vehicle complexity, leading to unsatisfied customers.   This made Jay take up the challenge to build a technology platform, which can absorb all the complexities and present an easy-to-use interface. After working at various corporates such as Tesla, VMware, Oracle, etc., Jay plunged into the world of entrepreneurship and started Tekion in 2016. He says: “For me, there is always the satisfaction of creating something which is of value.”

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